Out of the box, 3CX provides 5 presence statuses (Available, Away, Do Not Disturb, Lunch, and Business Trip).

If you need more statuses to choose from, you need 3CX Custom Presence. With this new tool, you can create an unlimited number of statuses. For example, you might want additional statuses for “Break”, “Project Work”, “Wrap-up”, “Vacation” etc. This is now possible.

Do you need to track the use of statuses over time to identify where staff is spending time or abusing “Do Not Disturb”? Now you can!


With 3CX Enhanced Billing Codes, merge collecting calls with customers billing codes is made possible. A great way to enhance the efficiency, security, and organization of your company.

If you are looking for an opportunity to enforce the use of account codes; or if you are needing to charge back the cost of calls to a specific department; or if you are looking for extra security then, 3CX Enhanced Billing Codes is the answer!


In shared office spaces the receptionist needs to know how to answer the phone for each tenant, easily transfer calls to the correct contacts, take notes, be aware of office hours, check calendar schedules, and do all this quickly. Now with our 3CX Reception Console add-on, this complex task just got a lot easier.

Reception is web-based software that will revolutionize the way of managing calls for various organizations when received from their respective customers. The software is an easy to use tool that enables you to greet the customers of specific organization with a message as per the answer scripts specifically customized based on the timing of the call.


With 3CX Exporter, you can automatically synchronize all 3CX data and generated Call Detail Records (CDR) files with either Microsoft SQL Server or MySQL. This small Windows service runs automatically in the background to keep your external database in sync with the data in 3CX.

Creating custom records and archiving Call Detail Records was once a difficult task. However, 3CX Exporter has now made the job easy for you. Moving Call Detail Records from 3CX to SQL Server or MySQL reduces the demands on your 3CX server, and allows you to use the tools you already know to create custom reports.