IT Support Services

IT Support Services only work if they are properly managed. We take pride in building long term relationships with our clients by understanding exactly what their business requires and tailor a solution to meet that requirement.

We have a wide range of support packages available to you and your business, we also understand that there are always variations in terms of company requirements. We are proud to be one of the only IT companies in South Africa that has true custom built support profiles.

Some of the ways you can contact us:

Call us

Get instant support when calling into our support desk, one of our engineers will log your ticket and get working on your problem with you on the call.

Whats App

prefer using whats app to communicate, no problem, send a whats app to our support line.


If you preferred method of communication is email then you can email our support desk and they will get back to you

Log a ticket online

Our support portal will give you access to logging your support tickets and seeing the status of any of your other tickets with us.

IT Support Services built around your business

At Liquid Sky we understand that business rely heavily on their technology services to accomplish their goals and tasks. Technology should be the driving force propelling your business to new heights, not drowning it. with our proactive methodology we intend for technology to become predictable and available, if your business knows something is coming it can plan around it and potentially prevent it altogether.

No Contracts

We don't believe locking customers into contracts is the right method for customer retention, our customers stay with us because they choose to not because they have to!

Consulting and Virtual CIO

as apart of ensuring your services work, we also get involved with your businesses ideas and strategy to ensure that the technology you adopt meets the objectives of your business.

Per User billing

our services are charged per user - this ensures and solidifies our responsibility to resolve issues quickly and effectively.


There is no reason for technology to create complexity in your business, our aim is to simplify the relationship between your business and technology making it work for you and not against you.

Leave your details here and we will get back to you.

alternatively email us:
Or give us a call: 011 568 7800